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Frequently Asked Credit Questions

Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Your ads say "guaranteed" credit approval. What's that all about?

At Consumers Auto Warehouse we work with dozens of lenders both local and national that specializes in offering financing to people with past credit issues. While many dealers can offer some choices for credit, we have lenders willing to work with you regardless of your credit or employment history. If you can prove you make just $1,000, we will find a lender willing to work with you!

What if I had to file bankruptcy?

We have lenders who focus only on financing for customers who have filed bankruptcy. Even if your bankruptcy is not yet discharged, we can often get you approved right away!

Do you require a big down payment?

Some of our lenders will require you to put money down. Every case is different. We have many lenders with no down payment programs. Of course, a bigger down payment will often help get you a better rate and approval and will always lower your loan balance.

Will financing a vehicle through Consumers Auto Warehouse help improve my credit?

Absolutely! We only use lenders who agree to report your loan performance to the national credit reporting agencies. That is something you need to help improve your credit. Most buy-here pay-here dealers do not report to your credit report.

You told me I am approved, but that I can't buy the vehicle I want. What gives?

Every lender has different criteria for both customers and vehicles they are willing to finance. Sometimes, the car you are looking at won't work with the bank's guidelines. It might be too old, have too many miles, be a restricted vehicle, cost too much or even cost too little (yes, some banks have minimum loan values). And every once in a while, your budget may not accommodate the kind of vehicle you are looking for. We will do our best to match your approval with vehicles that work and that you would like to drive.

Why do I have to provide all kinds of documents like phone bills, paystubs and references?

Our lenders want to verify that the information we provide to them is true, that you live where you say you live, work where you say you work and can afford the payment they have approved for you. Don't feel singled out -- our lenders require this of most customers and your privacy is always protected by our privacy policy and both state and federal law.

What if I have good credit - what can you do for me?

- We are signed up with some of the best lenders in the nation -- and some local credit unions. With a good credit rating, you will get some great rates - currently under 5.00%.
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